Dutch Design Week 2021

Our cows don’t fly, they enjoy outdoor life at nearby biological farm Saanenhof. Bread is freshly baked in our own bakery, honey comes from the bee colony located at the Ketelhuis rooftop and vegetables and herbs are harvested from our own ecological rooftop garden. We work with whole animals and use every part of the animal. Our chefs work with a love for their craft, using ingredients we find close to home. We cook using only fresh ingredients. This is where simplicity tastes good!

Ketelhuis is located in the former ‘Forbidden City of Philips’, in the middle of Strijp S. Ketelhuis is the spot where conceptual designers, food designers and product designers get together. We are a home for open-minded people and it is this group of people that contributes to the unique concept of Ketelhuis. Whether it’s the inventive crafted bar stool you are sitting on, or the pure selection of products you are eating, it’s all Ketelhuis style. This melting pot of creativity has given the monumental building a new soul. Ketelhuis will simply blow your mind!

During the Dutch Design Week we welcome you from the morning until late in the evening. We serve lunch and dinner; craft beers, cocktails, special wines, fresh juices and coffees. At the outdoor terrace we have a coffee bar, drinks bar and pizza oven. Ketelhuis is bustling from top to bottom, from the inside to the outside. We welcome you to experience the unique vibe!

If not now, then when?

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11.00 a.m. to 0.00 midnight

Restaurant Upstairs 11.00 – 0.00 lunch / drinks / dinner
Restaurant Downstairs 17.00 – 0.00 dinner

Oliehuisje 11.00 – 18.00 lunch / coffee / tea / soda / beer / wine
Outdoor Bar 16.00 – 0.00. cocktails / soda / beer / wine / snacks / bites
Pizzas at the terrace 13.00 – 21.00

We’d love to welcome you at Ketelhuis! If you want to be sure to have a cozy spot, make a reservation for lunch, diner or any other occasion during the DDW.

Reservations for larger groups (from 8 persons or more)
– for lunch and dinner during the DDW. You can reach us by
The restaurant upstairs on the first floor opens around 11am. During the day we welcome you for drinks and bites, lunch and dinner in three courses or a la carte. We cook on open fire! It’s the perfect place for small and larger groups to enjoy Ketelhuis. Reservations possible from 8 persons or more. We are always happy to talk about possibilities and reservations. Reservations upstairs can be made from 8 people or more.

Reservations from 2 to 8 persons – dinner during the DDW?
The restaurant at ground floor opens at 17.00 for a three course menu and a la carte dinner. Reservations possible up to 8 people.

Reservations restaurant at ground floor