Vacancy Sous-chef II – Restaurant Ketelhuis


Het Ketelhuis at Strijp S is the most dynamic restaurant of Eindhoven.
We work mostly with local products and whole animals,
Bake our own bread, make our own sausages and charcuterie,
our extensive wine list changes with the seasons,
our beer list can stand comparison with a specialist beer pub,
we profile ourselves as a coffee/lunch spot in the afternoon and as a cocktail bar in the evening,
we are a wedding, event and company party location,
and we are always looking for new opportunities.

We have an international team, and both English and Dutch are spoken.

We are currently looking for an experienced Sous-Chef.
This woman or man will regularly be in charge of the kitchen of our restaurant

For this vacancy we apply the job profile of the KHN:
The sous-chefkok II occurs in the luxury segment that distinguishes itself
on the basis of exclusiveness and culinary high-quality dishes and menus that are prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients.
The sous-chefkok II is in charge on the work floor in the absence of the head chef for the entire kitchen.
She or he directs the employees and is responsible for the (pre)preparation and
presentation of dishes and parts of the menu according to the planning, fixed instructions and working
methods that she or he has helped to determine.

She/he is the sparring partner of the Head Chef in adapting the menu/recipes, based on
developments in the supply of ingredients, and calculating prices of new or adapted dishes,
both for the restaurant and for weddings and company parties.
She or he is also responsible for the daily orders at various suppliers,
whereby thedelivery possibilities and conditions can fluctuate.

Competencies / behaviours

Taking initiative:
Coaching / instructing:
Eye for detail / Meticulous:
Stress resistant:
Direct supervisor:
Subject-matter manager.

Leads: 5 to 15 (part-time) employees (technical).

Knowledge and relevant skills:

Knowledge of products/ingredients and (the composition of) the menu.
Sees when things (also outside own work) are not done and picks them up if possible.
Shows interest in others and what occupies them; Knows how to motivate and enthuse;
Gives confidence and space to do things yourself and to make mistakes;
Demonstrates exemplary behaviour to others.
Corrects immediately if requirements are not met;
Asks for feedback from guests about quality and service; Comes up with suggestions for improvements.
Is thorough, checks his own work; Works in an orderly way, also when work is transferred;
Works according to fixed procedures, carries out necessary checks.
Remains calm under difficult circumstances or high work pressure;
Recovers quickly after a setback or disappointment;
Remains goal-oriented even under pressure.

What we offer

A workplace in the heart of StrijpS, a creative hotspot that continues to develop.
Salary indication gross monthly salary KHN NOK 7 with room for growth.
Pension in accordance with the CLA, 25 holiday days per year, in consultation free time for extra hours.
We offer a 4-day work week so there is time for your family, friends and social life.
Are you interested & would you like to discuss what we can do for each other?
Send an email to with your c.v., motivation.

We look forward to hearing from you!